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Thinking of taking on an apprentice?

Have you thought about taking on an apprentice but been unsure of where to start? Fife College offers a tailored service aimed at guiding you through the process of employing a Modern Apprentice. Our Modern Apprenticeship Team are here to guide you through every stage, ensuring that employers and their apprentices receive all of the advice and on-going support that they require throughout the whole apprenticeship programme. We can also offer companies assistance with their recruitment and selection process when ‘taking on an apprentice’. So if you are a company based in Scotland, whatever your size, you can take part in the Modern Apprenticeship programme. Want to find out more?

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What is a Modern Apprenticeship?

A Modern Apprenticeship (or MA) is a fantastic opportunity for anyone aged 16 or over to gain vocational qualifications which are relevant to their current job role, providing a stepping stone to career development, salary increases and promotion. Modern Apprenticeships are available across all sectors, including Health and Social Care, Life Sciences, Business Administration and Hairdressing as well as more traditional industries such as Engineering, Construction and Automotive.

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As an employer, there are many benefits to recruiting an MA or offering a Modern Apprenticeship to an existing staff member. Not only will you be developing enthusiastic young talent with the exact skills and experience your industry requires, but depending on individual circumstances, you could also access funding from Skills Development Scotland towards delivery costs. Need advice?

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How do I recruit a Modern Apprentice?

We can help you recruit an apprentice in two ways: 1. You may already have someone employed in your company who you wish to develop further. In this case, you can contact us to arrange for one of our Business Development Team to meet with you and discuss the most suitable Modern Apprenticeship for your employee. 2. You may decide that you would like to offer a job and training to a young person. If this is a job likely to lead to craft, technician or management level then the Modern Apprenticeship programme is a perfect solution. If you contact us with details of the vacancy, we can assist with the recruitment and selection of new Modern Apprentices by internally advertising your vacancies to our full-time students. We can also help you to select the Modern Apprenticeship programme best suited to your company’s needs. Find out how we can help.

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Help for employers with the Apprenticeship paperwork?

We understand that the Modern Apprenticeship programme can impose an additional administrative load on employers, so we offer a Managed Service for Funded Programmes such as MAs. This is a package of training and services to support you throughout the programme from recruitment and selection of an apprentice through to workforce planning, funding and training delivery.

Benefits of our Managed Service

  • Key Account Management
  • Help with recruitment and selection
  • Support for employers and employees
  • Workplace visits
  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • Organisation and delivery of high quality training
  • Effective employer reporting systems and reviews designed to support individual employer needs
  • Administration of Skills Development Scotland funding and audit management

Our skills and experience, combined with high-quality progress reviews and electronic (or manual) progress reports, enable employers to support their employees through work-based training. We are with you every step of the way and we will do our best to find a Modern Apprenticeship to fit your company profile. All Modern Apprentices have a personal training agreement where the employer and Fife College will work together with the Modern Apprentice to make sure that the plan is followed and the training agreement met. Want to know more?

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Apprenticeship Funding available for employers?

As an employer you could benefit from Fife College’s direct access to Skills Development Scotland (SDS) funding which supports all Modern Apprenticeships aged 16 -19 and in paid employment. Modern Apprentices that qualify within this age band will have all the college fees paid by SDS funding with no cost to you. Funding is also available for those aged 20-plus. Any funding will be agreed locally with each employer and although the government may contribute, the company will have to meet the cost of wages and may contribute to some training costs. Got a Funding question?

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Modern Apprenticeships offer those aged over 16 and in paid employment the opportunity to train and gain qualifications at craft, technician and management level. They are an exciting way to develop skilled and qualified individuals without the need for full-time study, and are available across a wide range of industries.

Modern Apprentices follow nationally recognised qualifications that have been developed by industry to provide skills that are important to the whole sector, and a training programme flexible enough to suit company specific requirements. This allows organisations to develop expertise and knowledge through work-based or college-based training and assessment.

They are an exciting way for new and existing employees to gain skills and nationally recognised high-level qualifications without the need to study full time.

MAs are now available across a wide range of industries and if you work within a key sector you may receive financial support for the delivery of Modern Apprenticeship.


Looking for support with recruitment and selection?

Did you know that we can also help by providing a pool of people who are attending college, developing their skills and confidence in readiness for an exciting and rewarding career in their chosen field. This enables young people to prepare for a Modern Apprentice opportunity with your company.

For more information about how we can help you recruit or train a Modern Apprentice, contact our Business Development Team.

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