Support With Funding

Take some financial pressure off your training budget.

We can provide useful advice and guidance on the latest funding available to you as an employer or as an individual learner.

From ITAs to Skills Development Scotland (SDS) funding, we can help you find a solution to the financial pressures that you might be facing. So don’t’ let a little think like money put you off undertaking training.

Contact our Business Development Team to find out what funding may currently be available for you.

Working Together to Help You Grow

Your employees are one of your most valuable assets but are you getting the most out of them? Training and development can grow your business by making processes and procedures more efficient, developing your employee’s skills and experience to ensure your business confirms to industry standards and by supporting your teams to maximise their potential and ultimately increase profits Internal training is of greater benefit to a business than external recruitment.

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Training and Development

Tailored Solutions

The right tailored training programme can be the most cost efficient and time effective way to maximise your return on training and development investment.

Modern Apprenticeships

Looking to recruit a Modern Apprentice? With the largest SDS Contract of any college in Scotland, we deliver MAs across a wide range of sectors.

Support with Funding

If you are concerned about the potential costs of training, we can advise you in the range of funding opportunities currently available to employees.