Microsoft Excel Intermediate

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet programme which supports the creation of financial, statistical and other reports using formulae and functions.

What You Study

Microsoft Excel is enormously powerful and flexible and has a reputation as the most widely used spreadsheet application. Very few users venture beyond the basics and therefore do not exploit the benefits of this formidable application.

Microsoft Excel can be delivered to introductory, intermediate and advanced level. Each level is scheduled into a 1-day programme which is trainer led.

This course will cover the following topics:

Introductory Level:

  • Understand the principles of a Worksheet and Workbook
  • Create, edit, save and retrieve spreadsheets
  • Copy and move data
  • Construct formulae and use functions
  • Format text and numbers

Intermediate Level:

  • Link formulae and use more functions
  • Work with multiple worksheets and workbooks
  • Consolidate data
  • Create and customise charts
  • Create hyperlinks

Advanced Level:

  • Use the Group feature
  • Protect workbooks, worksheets, cell ranges, add/remove a password
  • Understand, apply, modify, create styles
  • Use linking formulas
  • Understand and use data consolidation
  • Use advanced functions
  • Understand, manage and create a scenario manager


Courses Availability

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1 Day Training


Carnegie Conference Centre, Halbeath Road, Dunfermline KY11 8DY

£185 (ex VAT)

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