NDT – Practical Ultrasonic Inspection Level 2

Course Overview

This course provides comprehensive knowledge of the theory and practice of ultrasonic testing of welds for technicians to reach the Level 2 standard.

Training accredited to ASNT level 1 and 2 and PCN level 1 and 2.

(PCN syllabus reference no PCN/GEN/14 appendix c1.2)

This course is suitable for NDT personnel, inspectors, testers and engineers who require a thorough introduction to ultrasonic testing of welded joints.

What You Study 

Welding technology - processes and defects, basic principles of ultrasonics,

nature of sound, flaw detector, setting the controls, behaviour of ultrasonic waves, transmission, reflection, resonance, calibration and reference blocks, plotting beam profiles, flaw location, practical exercises e.g. plates, butt welds, techniques and report writing.

On completion of the course you should be able to:

Understand the basic concept of ultrasonics

Calibrate ultrasonic equipment using calibration blocks

Measure the thickness of steel plates

Determine attenuation levels

Locate and determine size of laminations in steel plates

Select correct type of probe to examine butt welded joints

Detect and report the location and size of defects in butt welds

Interpret code requirements related to ultrasonic testing

Meet the syllabus requirements for ASNT/PCN level 2

Duration and Attendance

15 days

This course is delivered at Glenrothes (Stenton Campus).


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ASNT examinations may be arranged on the final day of the course.

PCN delegates wishing to meet the training requirements of level 2 (PCN/GEN 14 - 120 hrs) may need to attend level 1 and 2 courses unless they have documented evidence of structured on the job training to the PCN syllabus for level 1 course.

PCN examinations are available on demand.

BINDT approved.

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