NDT - Practical Radiographic Inspection Level 2

This course provides comprehensive knowledge of the theory and practice of radiography testing of welds, castings and forgings for technicians to reach the Level 2 standard.

Training accredited to ASNT Level 1 and 2 and PCN Level 1 and 2.(PCN syllabus reference No PCN/GEN/92 Appendix C2.2)

What You Study

  • Principles of x and gamma radiography
  • Radiation safety
  • Equipment, film types, film exposure and processing
  • Film viewing requirements, penetrameters, sensitivity and defect types
  • Film artefacts
  • Practical radiography and interpretation of radiographs

The course ends with a written and practical test.

Delegates completing the course should be able to:

  • Understand the basic theory of radiography
  • Appreciation of radiation safety principles
  • Understand radiographic techniques and film selection
  • Understand the origin of defects
  • Recognise the difference between defects and film faults
  • Carry out practical radiography using x and gamma
  • Interpret radiographs
  • Meet the syllabus requirements for PCN/ASNT Level 2
  • ASNT Examinations may be arranged on the final day of the course.

PCN Examinations are available on demand after successful completion of an approved training course.


Duration and Attendance

15 days

Consideration of Radiographic Interpretation certification and any industrial experience will be taken into account to reduce the time required on the course.

This course is delivered at Glenrothes (Stenton Campus).


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Entry Requirements

This course is suitable for NDT personnel, inspectors and testers.

Application Process

For more information about this course or to book your place, email ndt@fife.ac.uk or call 0344 248 0135.

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