Corporate Social Responsibility

Fife College Training and Development can help you grow your corporate social responsibility agenda through our well-established charitable trust, The Adam Smith Foundation.

The Adam Smith Foundation was established in 1997 to improve and extend opportunities for students of Fife College. Through partnership with businesses, charitable trusts and individual donors, the Foundation has developed a Scholarship Programme which provides recognition, a financial award, and in some cases, work experience, internships and trips to support and encourage students to achieve their full potential.

The Adam Smith Foundation provides opportunities for you to engage with and support the employees of the future, helping them to reach their full potential and contribute to sustainable economies. This can be done either through sponsorship or time and offers an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your support and make a real difference to students.

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Corporate Social Responsibility brings many benefits to businesses in terms of customer confidence and trust, and is now considered to be an important factor when developing strategic aims and objectives.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility brings many benefits to businesses and we can help you grow this through our well-established Charitable Trust, The Adam Smith Foundation. Find out more…