Professional Development Award: Health and Social Care Supervision

SCQF level 7

Course overview

This qualification is designed for employees who are in their first-line-management role and who provide supervision, support and guidance to other staff.  Examples of possible job titles include senior care workers, senior support workers and senior day-care workers in services for older people, mental health, home care and housing support.  Candidates for the award should be able to show that they are responsible for the supervision of other care workers, including monitoring compliance with safeguarding, planning training, and coordinating shifts and hand-overs.

What you study

The award comprises a total of two SQA credits making up 16 SCQF credit points.  The learning outcomes are:

  1. Demonstrate effective supervision through behaviour, communication and decision making within the role of supervisor.
  2. Understand and apply the key principles of supervision.
  3. Promote and monitor compliance in relation to policies, procedures and best practice relevant to the assessment of risk, safe working practices and safeguarding.
  4. Understand and develop methods and skills used to supervise staff to assess and manage risks to health and well-being.


The programme will be offered in a blended learning format over a duration of 3 months from enrolment/induction.

There will be 3 full-day or 6 half-day sessions of face-to-face input, supported by materials on our VLE (ILearn).

Assessment is in the form of a written essay/report which must be referenced at an appropriate academic standard.  Support can be arranged for candidates with additional needs or for whom alternative assessment arrangements are required.  Note: attendance on college campus may be necessary for such candidates.

After enrolment, candidates will have access to ILearn materials and support online from teaching staff.

Applicant statements

In order to ensure that all applicants are suited for the award we ask for a short (1 x A4 page) statement in support of the application. This should include the following:

  1. Short summary of career to date and why they work in care
  2. Brief description of current job role (not from the JD but in their own words!)
  3. What they hope to gain from undertaking the award

Candidates will be allowed up to 3 months for completion, although it is anticipated that most will achieve within that period.

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