ADHD Awareness

This is a half-day course designed for non-practitioners, other than those from a childcare background, to increase understanding of the issues around the care of children and young people with ADHD.

Target group

All staff working in a childcare or young people’s setting. This course is designed to build understanding of ADHD and to share successful strategies for the care and management of children and young people with ADHD.

What you study

  • Brief History

  • Specific Spectrum Disorders

  • Children & Adult Traits/Behaviours

  • Referral and Diagnosis

  • Daily Life & Strategies at home, education and other settings

  • Sensory Issues

  • Treatment and Therapy

  • Creating an ASD friendly environment

  • Sources of support

Learning outcomes

  • Understand your responsibilities under relevant legislation which underpins the care, and health and safety of children with additional needs such as ADHD
  • Develop your understanding of recent research and medical support for children and young people with ADHD
  • Understand the behaviours and effects of ADHD on children and young people
  • Develop and share a range of appropriate responses and strategies to promote the inclusion of children with ADHD in a care or educational setting


These workshops will be held at:

  • Dunfermline Campus
  • Glenrothes Campus
  • Kirkcaldy Campus




  • Assessment will take the form of formative assessment throughout tutorial sessions
  • You will be presented with a college certificate of attendance

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