CNC Programming (Fanuc) Lathe

Modern Industry is using C.N.C. (Computer Numerical Control) more and more. Fife College and its partners have developed a course to meet industrial requirements and provide Scottish Industry with the skills and competence to satisfy these needs. This course will teach/upskill present employees already working within the engineering industry how to program a Fanuc controlled CNC Lathe.

What You Study

  • Training Module for FANUC Controls
  • OT/16T/18T/21T/30T
  • For 2 AXIS Turning
  • General layout of the machine
  • The benefits of CNC machining
  • Axes configuration
  • Co-ordinate format
  • Absolute & incremental programming,“U” & “W”
  • Work shift setting
  • Tool offsets geometry & wear
  • ‘G’ Code programming
  • M Codes explanation (relative to the machine and available options)
  • Linear, CW and CCW feed
  • How to start making a programme
  • G96 G97 Constant surface speed control
  • How to end a programme - M02, M30
  • G70, G71, G72, Multi-rep cycles
  • C & R Chamfer corner radius function
  • G32 & G76 Tapping & threading cycles
  • G84 Canned cycle for tapping
  • M98 M99 Sub-programme use & nesting
  • G74 G75 Canned cycles for grooving & drilling
  • G83 Canned cycle for drilling
  • G41 G42 Cutter compensation, imaginary tool points
  • Programming examples using the above data

The training courses are delivered by our Engineering professionals who are well-known throughout Fife for their expertise and quality.

Duration and Attendance

2 hours per week over 12 weeks: Friday afternoon from 1pm – 3pm



Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements. The course is designed to support and upskill people who are currently employed as Turners or CNC Machine Operators or who are already competent in their ability to turn components manually.

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