This short course is designed to offer plumbers, gas engineers and heating engineers an opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge in the maintenance and repair of combination and high efficiency boilers.

The course includes the following:

  • The installation requirements of differing types of Combi and High Efficiency boilers
  • The operation of the differing types of Combi and High Efficiency boilers
  • Identifying and rectifying electrical faults on Combi and High Efficiency boilers
  • 2 days training and 1 day practical and theoretical assessment
  • The course is delivered in a classroom/workshop environment where you will be assessed on your knowledge of both theory and practical aspects
  • The awarding body for this course is BPEC
  • National Gas Training and Assessment Centre, Dunfermline Campus

You are expected to have a sound working knowledge of domestic heating and hot water systems and hold (as a minimum) CCN1 Domestic ACS core and CENWAT1. You would be expected to be confident in the use of multimeters.