This Commercial Gas Foundation Course is designed specifically for Category 2 and 3 candidates wishing to enter the gas industry as a Commercial Catering Engineer.

The course includes the following:
  • Gas Pipework and Fittings (Identification, installation methods and techniques – pipe size range 6mm - 50mm)
  • Gas Safety Legislation
  • Unsafe Situations/Use of Emergency Notices and Warning Labels
  • Positioning of Emergency Control Valves and Emergency Procedures
  • Checking and Setting Commercial Supply and Appliance Pressures and Meter Regulators
  • Characteristics of Combustion and the Use of Flue Gas Analysis Equipment
  • The Operation and Checking of Commercial Appliance Safety Devices and Controls
  • Re-establishing Gas Supplies and Re-lighting Commercial Appliances
  • Tightness Testing (to IGE/UP/1B)
  • Requirements of (IGE/UP/1A) Commercial Pipework/Appliance Connections
  • Identification of Unsafe Appliance Situation
  • Commercial Catering Ventilation Requirements
  • Commercial Catering Appliances
  • 11 weeks full-time study plus 12 weeks work placement
  • Then a further 2 weeks ACS assessments to achieve CCCN1 plus COMCATs 1 and 3
  • The course is delivered in a classroom/workshop environment. Candidates will be assessed on their knowledge of both theory and practical aspects
  • The awarding body for this course is BPEC
  • You should have job-related experience in mechanical services, mechanical engineering or electrical. In addition, to be eligible, you must have either been made redundant or be under threat of redundancy due to the downturn in the oil and gas industry
Supervisory role as a:
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Managing Installation Teams or Sales
  • At a later date you may wish to extend your skills in domestic gas, LPG or commercial/industrial gas installations
  • National Gas Training and Assessment Centre, Dunfermline Campus
  • Eligible candidates will have the cost of this course fully funded by Skills Development Scotland (SDS)