Cyber security refers to the people, products and processes that protect electronic data from those with malicious intent. This course introduces you to a variety of modules defining cyber security, explaining why it is important, and introducing some of the products and processes used to secure data.

This course will contextualise and familiarise you with the threat of cyber security and how it relates to your company/organisation.

This course is delivered online with a facilitator to discuss the structure and the learning objectives. The facilitator will familiarise you with the necessary input and general guidance to feel confident about completing the course.

You will gain new knowledge and skills in cyber security, including:

• ‘What is Cyber security?’ An introduction to the importance of being safe on-line.
• An outline of the course structure, including the necessary input and general guidance to complete the course
• Learning objectives
• Information on online, forum and e-mail support
• Registration and enrolment

Knowledge is checked throughout the course by a number of unit quizzes and a single, timed assessment at the end.

You will learn new skills such as:

• Data confidentiality and safe online practice
• Safety required when using the cyber space and social media
• The value of securing data, both personal and for companies/organisations
• The impact of cyber-attacks
• The processes used to secure data

£350 per person

Virtual Classroom Courses

This training will be delivered through Microsoft Teams in real time, facilitated by our experienced trainers 

  • This trainer-led course is delivered in a virtual classroom over a six week period with 3 online workshops
  • HNC Cyber Security
  • HND Cyber Security

This course is designed for individuals, employees and companies looking to better understand Cyber threats and Security to ensure safe practice.