The course is designed to provide a strong professional and academic study programme for individuals seeking career progression within the contracting industry. The course is designed to meet the needs of middle managers.

Study in a number of areas relevant to management including units in:

  • Managing and working with people
  • Leadership at work
  • Developing self-management skills
  • Leading and implementing change
  • Financial studies for the construction industry
  • Contracting industry strategic management
  • Contracting procedures
  • Contracting industry project management: practical issues
  • Contracting industry investigative report (graded unit)

The course will take two years to complete and you will be offered two residential workshops per year.

  • Two years distance learning
  • £1,250 per year

You will preferably be in a supervisory first line management position within the organisation and should also have experience in managing people as well as other supervisory experience.

  • Facilities management and project management qualifications
  • The course will help you progress to a management position within contracting management, facilities management and project management
  • Applications are open all year round for this distance learning course
  • Please visit the Fife College website to apply for this course