Video technology is a fantastic platform to host virtual meetings, allowing people to meet remotely and conveniently. People respond differently when interacting virtually so it is important to adjust the format of your meetings, your communication style and how information is presented to get the most out of these meetings.  On this course, you’ll learn what it takes to run a great, productive virtual meeting.

  • Drivers and benefits of virtual meetings
  • Pre-meeting preparation & setting objectives and agendas
  • Making the most of technology
  • Virtual meeting impact, presence and etiquette
  • Chairing meetings
  • Encouraging participation and keeping attendees engaged
  • Taking notes and actions
  • How to keep your meeting on track
  • Understand the basic principles of effective virtual meetings
  • Feel more confident interacting in virtual meetings to get the most out of them
  • Prepare for virtual meetings and follow up after them
  • Understand how to lead virtual meetings that generates value for all
  • The is a half day virtual classroom course with 2 x 90min workshops with a comfort break in between.  

  • There are no formal entry requirements.
  • We offer a range of other short courses such as Leading Remotely, Managing Remote Teams, Resilient Remote Working and Dealing with & Handling Change.