These short courses in Commercial Appliances are designed to update experienced gas engineers to enable them to prove their competence in ACS.

ACS assessments in the following fields:

  • CIGA1 - Industrial and Commercial Indirect Fired Appliances (boilers and warm air units)
  • CORT1 - Industrial and Commercial Overhead Radiant Appliances (radiant tube and plaque heaters)
  • CDGA1 - Industrial and Commercial Direct Fired Gas Heating Appliances
  • CIGA1, CORT1 and  CDGA1 - 2 days
  • CDGA1 only - 1 day
  • Courses are delivered in a classroom/workshop environment, where you will also be assessed on your knowledge of legislative requirements and practical competency
  • The awarding body for this course is BPEC
  • National Gas Training and Assessment Centre, Dunfermline Campus
  • The pre-requisite qualification for these assessments is CODNCO1 (Changeover from CCN1 to Commercial Core Gas Safety) or COCN1 (Commercial Core Gas Safety)
  • At a later date you may wish to extend your skills by moving on to domestic appliances, LPG or commercial/industrial gas installations