The quality of business documents reflects the quality standards within an organisation. If you are trying to create an efficient, customer focused and quality organisation the quality of your printed material should not be overlooked. There are also efficient and inefficient ways of managing word-processed documents.

Microsoft Word can be delivered to introductory, intermediate and advanced level. Each level is scheduled into a 1-day programme which is trainer led.

This course will cover the following topics:

Introductory Level:

  • Create, open, close, save and print documents
  • Use basic edit and format techniques and spell and grammar check
  • Use AutoCorrect and AutoText
  • Customise page setup and apply headers and footers and section breaks

Intermediate Level:

  • Format paragraphs and balance columns
  • Create and edit tables and use the borders toolbar
  • Hyperlinks
  • Work with graphics and the drawing toolbar
  • Advanced document formatting and creation of styles

Advanced Level:

  • Calculate within a table
  • Use referencing features such as table of contents, index and bookmarks
  • Create mail merge documents
  • Advanced use of pictures and graphics
  • Create and run macros.
  • Create a form
  • Save versions of a document and track and review changes

As a working knowledge of the full range of ICT packages is becoming a core competence within any workforce, this programme would be suitable for anyone who is required to prepare word documents at any level within an organisation.

£185 per person

Price includes all course materials, refreshments and a two course lunch in our restaurant

Carnegie Conference Centre, Dunfermline