This MEWP course is aimed at those required to operate Mobile Elevated Work Platforms within a working environment. The course follows a carefully devised programme to ensure each stage is presented in a logical sequence.

Depending on venue, course can be adapted to carry out job specific training.

Familiarisation training should be given to successful candidates at the workplace. Once completed the candidate should be given written authorisation from the employer for the types of machine on which training has been given.

The training is undertaken within a simulated working environment to ensure the candidate can operate the machines in all working environments.

The training includes:

  • Operators safety code
  • Introduction to the machine and inspection
  • Capacity and stability of machine
  • Functions of the hydraulics
  • Practice in operation of machine
  • Theory and practical assessments

Candidates will demonstrate their operating ability meets the required minimum standards.

  • 2 Days (1 day scissor, 1 day boom)
  • Customer premises. A suitable machine and area specific for the training should be provided
  • Candidates should be mature, be able to work at height, and have a reasonable degree of physical fitness
  • Students may undertake further training in various other types of construction plant
  • Depending on other qualifications opportunities exist in the construction industry for MEWP operators