The NEBOSH National Diploma is the qualification to aspire to if you are seeking a successful long-term career in health and safety.

In association with our partners Astutis, a NEBOSH accredited course provider, Fife College Training and Development are proud to be able to provide the e-learning NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety to our valued clients

The course is split into four units comprising three taught units and one work-based assignment, which is designed to demonstrate your application of the knowledge you have gained over the course of the previous units.

Overall learning outcomes:

On completion of each unit, you should be able to demonstrate your understanding of the domain knowledge covered by:

1. The application of knowledge to familiar and unfamiliar situations

2. The critical analysis and evaluation of information presented in both quantitative and qualitative forms

(N.B. Each unit element will have additional specific learning outcomes.)


This widely recognised qualification enables you to progress your career to the highest level as a practitioner and expert. You will have the academic credentials to be a competent professional.

You will become invaluable to employers by being able to introduce significant cost efficiencies through effective health and safety management and promoting a safer working environment.

This engaging learning experience provides you with everything you need to pass the NEBOSH Diploma, so you are always well supported.

The 3 year license provides:

  • Interactive multimedia-rich activities using video, audio, animations, workplace case studies to apply your learning
  • Guided learning with an award winning learning management system
  • Personalised tuition from your own tutor to guide you on a one to one basis
  • In-depth guidance from our digital resources centre: web links to HSE guidance, legislation, exam questions
  • Stay on track with progress checks and instant feedback
  • Discussion forums - share ideas with fellow learners and get your questions answered by tutors
  • Online technical support (from enrolment to certificate) from our e-learning team
  • Confidence with exam preparation, exam question practice with constructive feedback, a mock exam, 9 free revision webinars

Unit A: Management of Health and Safety

  • A1 - Principles of health and safety management
  • A2 - Loss causation and incident investigation
  • A3 - Measuring and reviewing health and safety
  • A4 - Identifying hazards, assessing and evaluating risk
  • A5 - Risk control
  • A6 - Organisational factors
  • A7 - Human factors
  • A8 - Principles of health and safety law
  • A9 - Criminal law
  • A10 - Civil law

Unit B: Control of Hazardous Agents in the Workplace

  • B1 - Principles of toxicology and epidemiology
  • B2 - Hazardous substances and other chemicals
  • B3 - Hazardous substances and other chemicals
  • B4 - Controls and personal protective equipment
  • B5 - Monitoring and measuring
  • B6 - Biological agents
  • B7 - Physical agents - noise and vibration
  • B8 - Physical agents - radiation
  • B9 - Psychosocial agents
  • B10 - Musculoskeletal risks and controls
  • B11 - Work environment risks and controls

Unit C: Workplace and Work Equipment Safety

  • C1 - General workplace issues
  • C2 - Principles of fire and explosion
  • C3 - Workplace fire risk assessment
  • C4 - Storage, handling and processing of dangerous substances
  • C5 - Work equipment (general)
  • C6 - Work equipment (workplace machinery)
  • C7 - Work equipment (mobile, lifting and access)
  • C8 - Electrical safety and electricity at work
  • C9 - Construction hazards and controls
  • C10 - Workplace transport and driving for work
  • C11 - Pressure system hazards and controls

Unit D: Application of Health and Safety Theory and Practice

Unit D consists of a written assignment set by NEBOSH (designed to demonstrate the application of the knowledge you have gained through the first three units of the course) and is approximately 8,000 words in length.

Submission dates for Diploma assignments are in February, May, August and November each year.

All four units are mandatory and there are no optional units. Delegates can choose to take one, two, three or all four units at the same time or at different times.

The first three units are assessed by a three-hour written question paper per unit. Each paper will cover the whole unit syllabus, with at least one question per unit element. Candidate scripts are marked by external examiners appointed by NEBOSH.

Diploma exams can be taken at a number of centres both nationally and internationally.

  • £1,895 (no exam offered)

Although it is not required, it is strongly recommended that you take the National General Certificate before the National Diploma to improve your chances of passing. Ask about our great value Personal Development Plan if you are considering both qualifications.

The e-learning package does not include NEBOSH student registration and examination fees. These fees are currently £379 in total, payable once you are ready to sit the examinations.