This course is intended for anyone involved in hospitality and catering, care sector, food retailing and food processing and anyone who is interested in food hygiene.

It is a first step in food hygiene and will provide you with a basic understanding of food hygiene.

  • Introduction to Food Hygiene
  • Bacteria
  • Food Poisoning and its Prevention
  • Personal Hygiene
  • The Working Environment
  • Cleaning Practices
  • Pest Control
  • Food Safety Legislation

The course is delivered online and takes around 6 hours.

You will be sent a Food Hygiene Handbook and Question of Food Hygiene for Scotland workbook. While completing the course you will be provided with:

  • Full on-going learner support
  • A true multi-media experience
  • Tutor guidance
  • Online and offline access to learning materials

The exam will be sat at College and exams are scheduled at regular intervals.

  • No formal entry requirements, however the ability to complete a short multiple choice exam is required
  • £65 per person
  • ILA funding may be available dependant on personal circumstances