My interest in coaching began during my M.Ed. studies with the OU a few years ago as I realised I wanted to become part of a learning organisation. I am very glad I took the ILM Level 3 Effective Coaching course at Fife College where I also work. Even though it had to be online due to the coronavirus, I found its flexibility worked well with my full-time job.

With its well-organised units, extensive resources and excellent teaching, the Level 3 course provided a solid foundation in coaching which I appreciated. Even though I have a background in advising, facilitating and training, the skills needed for coaching are different. College library staff were very helpful in sourcing relevant materials as was our tutor.


My favourite part was in the practice sessions. My confidence grew working with two volunteers, seeing how much they could accomplish with coaching, in just three sessions.  This has inspired me to continue with further learning and development with the ILM Level 5 course.


As a former Careers Advisor from Canada, I know the importance of being passionate about your work. With all the change currently going on in our world, I am keen to help others who want to make some changes to improve their contribution to their work and life. 


I would highly recommend this course to others.