Any part of an organisation that gathers data, which is then required to be manipulated to inform decision-making such as sales/purchasing strategies or stock control, would benefit from using Access.

Microsoft Access can be delivered to introductory, intermediate and advanced level. Each level is scheduled into a 1-day programme which is trainer led.

This course will cover the following topics:

Introductory Level•    Define a database structure and templates 
•    Create tables, enter and edit data, modify table design 
•    Understand relationships between data 
•    Create a form, enter and edit data in a form, customise the form design 
•    Introduction to queries and reports

Intermediate Level•    Customise forms and create subforms 
•    Create command buttons and link and embed data 
•    Create and use queries 
•    Create a report, using queries to select records 
•    Build “expressions” and calculations in reports and queries

Advanced Level•    Create and use Action queries 
•    Advanced field properties, data validation, lookup fields 
•    Joins and relationships 
•    Understand, create, edit and save a macro 
•    Create menu bars, macros and custom toolbar buttons 
•    Event-driven procedures 
•    Database security including user-level security

As a working knowledge of the full range of ICT packages is becoming a core competence within any workforce, this programme would be suitable for anyone who works with or manipulates data at any level within an organisation.

  • £185 (ex VAT) / level
  • Price includes all course materials, refreshments and a 2 course lunch at our 1835 Restaurant
  • 1 Day Training
  • Carnegie Conference Centre, Dunfermline