No matter what sector you’re in, you need to get the environment working for you. Everyone can benefit from being more sustainable, but where do you start? What does it all mean? This brand-new, introductory course is aimed at everyone who has asked these questions and not known where to turn for the answers. Firmly focused on providing the non-specialist with the knowledge and skills they need to practically enhance their organisation’s sustainability credentials, make a difference at green team meetings and ensure that their role counts when it comes to the environment.

  • sustainability,
  • the circular economy,
  • recycling and re-use,
  • decarbonisation,
  • why being green is important.
  • Two days
  • 9.30am to 4.30pm
  • Carnegie Conference Centre, Dunfermline
  • To be empowered to play an active role in the successful adoption and implementation of work-place sustainability.
  • To have the ability to successfully contribute to an environmental management system, and /or organisational sustainability policy.
  • To have an understanding of introductory sustainable resources management and its utilisation to benefit business, the environment and society.
  • To be able define and discuss in simple terms a range of key contemporary topics and themes related to sustainable resources management.
  • This is a short course for non-specialist staff members from any organisation – no prior experience is necessary.
  • It is vital to note that this course is not for waste / resources management companies or organisations.
  • It is designed to be inclusive, flexible and open to all.
  • Booking through Sales Team

The course can be considered as contributing to CPD and lifelong learning in many industries, including:

  • Train operating companies e.g. Scotrail, LNER etc.
  • Airlines and Airport Operators – Ryanair, Easy Jet, Edinburgh Airport etc.
  • Housing Associations and similar
  • Retailers / Supermarkets
  • Hotel Operators and similar
  • Tourism Operators and Edinburgh Festivals
  • Distribution and Warehousing e.g.Amazon
  • Local authorities (but not waste / environmental depts)
  • Engineering and manufacturing sectors
  • Charities and the third sector organisations across Scotland
  • £395 including VAT