Did you know that Fife College can help get your staff development and training programmes credit rated and placed on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF)?  

Making this investment in your workforce will ensure that the training you provide is at the appropriate level and supports the development of your people and organisation. Gaining this formal recognition will greatly benefit your staff as well as your business and your customers. 

What is the SCQF? 

The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework provides a way of recognising, describing and comparing the difficulty and time taken to achieve a whole range of qualifications. The framework promotes lifelong learning, with the aim to include all qualifications and assessed learning in Scotland, so that learners can identify their current position on the SCQF and plan their future learning. 

SCQF Credit Rating is a formal process, carried out by trained teams, where a training programme or course is rigorously scrutinised and allocated a SCQF Level and SCQF Credit Points.


As a SCQF Credit Rating Body and a SCQF Ambassador College we can offer a bespoke SCQF Credit Rating Service, working with you to credit rate your training programme and take advantage of the following benefits:  

Benefits to your organisation:Have your training programmes nationally recognised, providing added value to in-house training, helping with employee engagement, retention and career progression.  Increase confidence when speaking with potential customers, demonstrating the professionalism and level of expertise within your organisation. 

Benefits to your employees: Staff gain formal recognition for the learning, providing a sense of achievement and increases engagement and motivation for training and learning, helping them progress in their career or into further learning.  

Provides confidence that training is being provided at the right level for the post, supporting progression and skills development and offers a framework for succession planning and future recruitment. 


To be allocated an SCQF Level and Credit Points, a learning programme must:  

  • Be described in learning outcomes 

You should have clear statements of what learning, knowledge, skills and understanding can be expected following the training. 

  • Involve a minimum of 10 hours of learning 

Learning hours are not just those spent in a formal training session. They can also include prior reading or research, independent study, and online or on-the-job training. 

  • Be formally assessed 

Assessment does not need to be a formal exam, although it does need to demonstrate that an individual has achieved the expected learning outcome. For example, this could be a short quiz, observation of practical activity or a role-play task. 

  • Have internal and external quality assurance processes

How you evaluate, review and update your training all ensures the quality assurance of your programme. 


If your training meets the criteria above then your programme is eligible for SCQF Credit Rating,  

And there's no need to miss out if your programme does not meet all these criteria, as Fife College can provide support and services to help you achieve this eligibility. 

Contact us to today to discuss your options and get a quote: scqf-credit-rating@fife.ac.uk 

You can also find more information on the SCQF website.