“I first got into engineering quite a few years ago, actually, when I was working in a garage. I worked there for two years, starting in the office but then I got involved with minor repairs, and my passion just grew from there.

“I’ve always been interested in mechanical engineering specifically because I’ve always been really interested in how machines work.

“As a Modern Apprentice with Diageo, I mainly do maintenance and safety checks – making sure the lines are running as they should be and that there are no safety hazards.

“At the moment, I’m at the College five days a week; three days in the workshop doing practical work and the other two I’m in the classroom doing the academic stuff. I think it’s good that I’m able to mix them both together.

“When I’ve completed my apprenticeship, I’m planning to stay with Diageo and hopefully progress with them. I haven’t really thought about anything past that.

“I’d recommend studying at Fife College because the lecturers really know how to bring the best out of you and encourage you to develop your skills.

“I’d encourage a lot more females to apply for Engineering jobs and courses, and just put themselves forward, because there are so many more opportunities in the industry now than there were in the past.”

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